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Tired of paying huge monthly fees for a slow webhosting?

🚨 Did you know?

  •  40% leave a website that loads in more than 3 seconds.
  •  47% of consumers expect a page to load in under 2 seconds.
  •  According to Google's "Site Performance for Webmasters" video - Site Speed is a ranking factor

Get 5 Years of Blazing-Fast Web Hosting at a fraction of what you pay to your current hosting for 1 year only.
Deploy your website on a blazing-fast, easy-to-use, secure & ultra-reliable cloud platform with enterprise servers, powered by cPanel.

5CloudHost provides insanely fast loading speed for your website

  •  5CloudHost has powerful servers with 40 cores Intel Xeon CPUs, 128GB of ram, raid-protected SSD Storage, and 10Gbps internet connectivity.
  • They have a custom web-server configuration powered by Apache with PHP7.3, mod_http2, php-fpm, mod_lsapi, opcache and MariaDB for Mysql Databases, that will make any site open instantly.
  • They are CloudFlare Optimized partner, so you can enable Cloudflare's CDN from your cPanel account with 1 click. CloudFlare makes it easy for any site to be as fast and secure as the Internet giants.
  • They use 'SSD-only' raid-protected storages, which will improve the fault-tolerance and the read/write speed of the servers(especially MySQL) and so your website will load 10x faster at least.

Choose the server's location closer to your visitors

Cloud Starter

Medium traffic personal sites


Per 5 years

1 Hosted Domain

5 GB SSD Storage

Dallas, TX Datacenter or Bucharest, RO Datacenter
Dedicated resources(LVE):
50% CPU(~1.4Ghz)
20 Entry Processes

Cloud Business

High traffic corporate sites


Per 5 years

10 Hosted Domains

15 GB SSD Storage

Dallas, TX Datacenter or Bucharest, RO Datacenter
Dedicated resources(LVE):
100% CPU(~2.8Ghz)
50 Entry Processes

Cloud Enterprise

Enterprise content management


Per 5 years

Unlimited Hosted Domains

50 GB SSD Storage

Dallas, TX Datacenter or Bucharest, RO Datacenter
Dedicated resources(LVE):
200% CPU(~5.6Ghz)
100 Entry Processes


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martin wanjohi

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