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What’s Web Hosting?

What’s web hosting? is a question I have been asked many times in my line of work. As a web developer, I usually come across this question almost every day. So, I decided to write this post and help you get started.

As any good web developer knows, a web developer is always worried about creating the best web site that they can. They work very hard with the client which is you in this case to decide exactly how you want your site to look, to function, and also how to make it run efficiently.

These are all things you need to think about when you are creating a web site, but sometimes we forget one of the most important things, how are we going to get our site on the internet?

No matter how great the web site you create is, it is meaningless if you do not get it out on the internet.

So if you are going to get your website on the internet, then you can either host it on a web server yourself or get a web hosting company to host it for you.

If you are a large company that has an IT staff to set up the infrastructure to host a web site, then this is probably the best idea, because you have more control over the things that happen.

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However, most people who create websites do not have the money or the time to set up such an infrastructure. These people will have to get a web hosting company to host their website. Here are a few things to consider when you try to pick a web hosting company that is right for you:

A Few things to Consider when choosing a Web Hosting Company

  1. Space

Some web hosting companies offer more space than others. If you are going to create a large web site, or you are looking to expand a lot in the near future, then the amount of space offered is very important

2. Email Addresses

If your website is going to give away email addresses, or you need extra email addresses for your users, then the number of free email addresses that you are given might be very important.

3. Database Access

Some web hosting companies offer the ability to use a MySQL or SQL Server database to store information or authenticate against. This can be a very important fact to help make your web site more secure, or more dynamic.

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martin wanjohi
martin wanjohi

Is a cloud computing and hosting consultant with 5 years of experience in the field of IT. Martin has also worked as a Data analyst in various companies owing to his success in being willing and able to learn something new under new mentors. His hobbies include reading, cycling, hiking, and spending time with his wife and kid. Martin is also a website developer with more than 10 years of experience and always strive to grow and know more.

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