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Frequently Asked Questions

Affiliate Marketing is a type of marketing business where the affiliate (the middleman between buyer and seller) earns commission by referring/linking/recommending the buyer to the product or services from the seller. Whenever the buyer purchased anything through the affiliate's affiliate link, the affiliate earns commission from the seller.

How long you can start making money online really depends on yourself and your situation. If you have more time available and you are willing to invest into your business, you'll definitely make money a lot sooner.

As much as you want!(Provided that you are willing to put in the effort, time and some money) The potential is there. Once you set it up, your website will be running 24/7 and making money 24/7 for you.Unlike the traditional paycheck you receive from your boss every month, you can really "make money while you sleep" with affiliate marketing.

Yes, BUT...You have to be completely honest and state that you are reviewing/selling product from your own research and not from your personal experience.

Not at all, just send an email to admin[at] requesting for affiliate activation. Once Activated. you can Login to your clientsarea and head to billing on the menu bar and choose affiliate options, this is where you will see the affiliate link plus more details to help you make money.

You will get paid 30% of what the visitor purchased be it a discount or no discount.

Inorder for you to earn, your visitor needs to purchase atleast webhosting and not only a domain.

IF you live in Kenya you can get paid through Mpesa or Paypal if you live outside Kenya. All payments are deposited to your account after 14 days of reaching the threshold limit.

Provided that you continue reaching your threshhold limit, the payout will be recurring, however, you cannot get repeat payments from already paid threshold.