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Does your brand struggle in getting the online Presence it diserves?

Does your brand easily exchange vital information with your potential customers easily?

How credible is your brand, does your brand communicate what you stand for?

Tell me this also, Does your brand, expand outside your geographical boundary, do you believe it has the capability?

And if it does, are you in a position to measure where your consumers are coming from?

If you just answered


to any of the above then what you want is a Website.

With a website, you can:

  • Offer your clients or visitors convenience as they can access the information they need in the comfort of their own home, with no added pressure to buy. Plus, as most companies nowadays have their own website, there’s every chance you could be losing customers to your competitors by staying offline
  • Provide a quick and easy way of communicating information between buyers and sellers. You can list your opening hours, contact information, show images of your location or products, and use contact forms to facilitate enquiries from potential customers or feedback from existing ones.
  • make your customers feel comfortable using your services, as they will assume they can expect the same positive experience in all areas of your business.
  • use your website to sell goods & services directly to consumers, in some cases removing the need to use “brick-and-mortar” stores which involve large operating costs (staff wages, rental, utilities to name just a few)
  • Get the exposure your brand deserves as your site is accessible to anyone all over the world, the ability to break through geographical barriers has never been easier.

If you are looking for any of those services mentioned. Then rest assured you are in the right place. Welcome To Patahost, OUR research has shown that 8 out of 10 website designers recommend us not only for our great prices but also for great hosting. Dont worry we've got you covered, just keep on reading or if you dont have time, you can subscribe to our newsletter below and put your worries aside.

Because we are here to make your journey as profitable as possible. Below are some of the Features that make us stand out from the rest. With our 30 day Money back guarantee policy, will assure you that you cancel anytime and have a full refund.

What Domain Do You Have in Mind?

Pata your Domain right now! With over 500 domain names, your bound to get lucky and discover your potential domain that will change everything. Grab your domain right now below.

  • .co.keKES 850/-
  • .comKES 960/-
  • .africaKES 2,000/-
  • .keKES 6,254/-

How much have we completed so far?


Domain Registered


Happy Clients


Running Projects


DDoS Attacks Prevened

Why Patahost

Patahost does more than just host. We design and offer website administration through our customer support service, we also make sure that your site is up and running and not just a picture displayed for everyone online. Our servers employ Litespeed Technology to enhance server upkeep and integration of cloudflare CDN which delivers 99.9% uptime.

Malware Scan Protection

Virus Protection

We have patnered with cwatch web security to offer superior virus protection to your website for FREE with any Hosting package you order.

Quality Scalable Servers

Quality Scalable Servers

You need high-quality servers that can meet your fluctuating hosting demands. Our flexible monthly contracts allow you to scale up or down, depending on your business needs.

Unlimited Domains

Unlimited Domains

Host your multiple domains on a single account and for one low price, and no additional charge for each domain you add. You can have different websites for each domain, and/or can point more than one domain to any of your sites.

Unlimited Bandwith

Unlimited Bandwith

Use our bandwidth without limits. Bandwidth can simply be defined as a measure of the level of traffic and the amount of data that can be transferred between your website, the users and the internet.

DDoS Attack Prevention

DDoS Attack Prevention

We know how frustrating it can get when looking for real customers online. We make sure that your customers can visit your site anytime they feel without having malicious traffic from DDoS blocking your site. We ensure that you get value for your money even if it is just trying us out.

99.9% Uptime

99.9% Uptime

Our data center is concurrently maintainable, allowing for any planned maintenance activity of power and cooling systems to take place without disrupting the operation of computer hardware located in the data center. Hence your Website remains uptime 99.9%

Switching From Another Host?

Our dedicated Migrations Team is standing by to transfer your existing content from your prior host and configure it to perform optimally on our platform. We can also transfer domain registrations from other registrars in order to provide you complete management of your entire online portfolio all in one place!

Get Started..

Why get online with us?


We update you website core and plugins to keep your site protected.

Free 24×7/365 Support

You can reach our team at any time, day or night.

Included Apps

All apps we install on our machines are optimized for speed.

Server Level Protection

If a major vulnerability appears, we develop & apply server-level fixes.

Unlimited Email Addresses

Create as many email addresses, and email forwards as you need!

Daily Backups

We keep up to 30 daily backup copies of your website files.


What can we Guarantee you?

What do our Customers Say?

Frequently Asked Questions

It is an online platform that provides the service of storing your web site and allowing your web site to be seen on the internet in exchange for a monthly fee.

The "shared" in shared hosting refers to the fact that multiple websites are sharing a single web server. Shared hosting works by providing shared services with other websites from other individuals. However each account is handled separately with different login details such as cPanel, emails and domains.

Shared is a perfect option for new bloggers or small websites that are just getting started online who need an economical option. As your site traffic grows, you can seamlessly upgrade at any time to a different hosting plan such as VPS hosting.

The "Premium" Plan is our most popular shared hosting plan, as it's budget-friendly but allows you to host as many domains as you like. The Business Plan also includes a private SSL (required for e-commerce) and a dedicated IP, making it a great fit for online stores. Regardless of which plan you choose, all of our shared hosting plans come with unlimited emails, easy one-click installs of WordPress and other popular content platforms, and 24/7/365 expert support.

Definitely. We offers FREE site transfers for new accounts within 30 days of signup. We're committed to making web hosting easy and stress-free!

You can build your website in several different ways – from hand-coding with HTML to using a website builder program. OR can use our easy website builder.

We accept most of the payment methods out there i.e. Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Lipa na Mpesa (if you live in East Africa).

All payments are securely processed over HTTPS and your card information never touches our servers. All payment processing is done by our credit card processor, Stripe and Paypal. When you enter the credit card details, they are sent directly to Stripe over SSL. Read more about Stripe's security policies on their site.

You can cancel your account at any time and if you cancel within the 30 days of joining us. You get a full refund. You can switch your subscription from monthly to yearly or from yearly to monthly anytime.

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